Color Possibilities

I used to use a punnit square to calculate color possibilities, but the good people at the Animal Genetics lab have made it WAY easier to calcute. Check out their foal color calculator.

To do it the old fashioned way, you can use a punnit square.

The first thing you need to know is the genotype of the parents. I will use Golden Gambler (Ee NCr AA) as the sire and a buckskin mare that is (Ee NCr Aa). The following chart is how I would set up the information. Notice I am only crossing two factors (black and cream). This make the chart much simpler (and I KNOW that the foal will have at least one agouti since Gambler is homozygous for the agouti)

  EC ECr eC eCr

To find the color possibilities, I fill in the chart like so:

  EC ECr eC eCr
eC EeCC EeCCr eeCC eeCCr
eCr EeCCr EeCrCr eeCCr eeCrCr

Then I take out the results and read the colors (keep in mind that I know that the foal will have the agouti, so anything that would be black, smokey black, or smokey cream is bay, buckskin, or perlino)

EECC - bay (homozygous for black)
EECCr - buckskin (homozygous for black)
EeCC - bay (heterozygous for black)
EeCCr - buckskin (heterozygous for black)
EECCr - buckskin (homozygous for black)
EECrCr - perlino (homozygous for black)
EeCCr - buckskin (heterozygous for black)
EeCrCr - perlino (heterozygous for black)
EeCC - bay (heterozygous for black)
EeCCr - buckskin (heterozygous for black)
eeCC - chestnut
eeCCr - palomino
EeCCr - buckskin (heterozygous for black)
EeCrCrr - perlino (heterozygous for black)
eeCCr  - palomino
eeCrCr - cremello

Then you calculate ratios (remember to make sure your numbers add up correctly):

3:16 Bay
6:16 Buckskin
3:16 Perlino
1:16 Chestnut
2:16 Palomino
1:16 Cremello

Then you can do your percentages (100/16 = 6.25...and again, don't forget to make sure that your percentages add up to 100%).

18.75% Bay
37.5% Buckskin
18.75% Perlino
6.25% Chestnut
12.5% Palomino
6.25% Cremello

Here is a chart for you to fill out and use:


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