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Color Possibilities:
Smokey Cream Mares x Golden Gambler

Smokey Cream Mares carry two cream genes (CrCr) and can be heterozygous (Ee) or homozygous (EE) for black. This can not be determined by appearance, but a genetic test is available. True smokey black mares do not carry the agouti (test results would be "aa").

Smokey Cream mares homozygous for black (EE) will produce:

50% buckskin:

25% [Ee Aa N/Cr]

25% [EE Aa N/Cr]

50% perlino:

25% [Ee Aa CrCr]

25% [EE Aa CrCr]

Smokey Cream mares who are heterozygous for black (Ee) will produce:

37.5% buckskin:

25% [Ee Aa N/Cr]

12.5% [EE Aa N/Cr]

37.5% perlino:

25% [Ee Aa CrCr]

12.5% [EE Aa CrCr]

12.5% palomino:

12.5% [ee Aa N/Cr]

12.5% cremello:

12.5% [ee Aa CrCr]

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