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Golden Gambler featured in October issue of Going Gaited Magazine!

When you consider breeding your mare, you don't want to gamble on quality. You want a sure bet - a stallion that "has it all" and passes it on to his foals.

Intelligence is a trait that Gambler had in vast amounts. He loves to learn and therefore has been exceptionally easy to train. His intelligence is a great asset when navigating the trails or taking in new experiences.

Gambler's disposition is second to none. While Gambler has a great deal of presence, he is also very laid back. He is a perfect gentleman in every sense of the word. He is ridden with geldings and mares in heat and doesn’t take one step out of line. Gambler loves people of all ages, but is especially fascinated with children. He is pictured at right with three year old Cassidy Newman. The photo was taken in 2005 by Maggie Moore for her book, Walking With Friends. Gambler resides with his herd full-time. He is an excellent protector and treats his mares with respect, even looking after his foals for them. When his first crop of foals was weaned, we left Gambler to comfort them. He was very kind to his foals - tolerating their climbing and chewing on him and spending time playing with them and grooming them. When we pony his foals from his back and he ignores their goofy antics and keeps his mind on his task.

Gambler is 100% naturally gaited. From the time he was at his dam's side he has exhibited a great way of going. Gambler has a 100% natural 4-beat running walk and a fantastic smooth, fast rack. He performs his gaits the way that the Walking Horse was meant to: with no artificial aids and no special technique required. He has never been shod and performs his gaits at liberty, as you can see from the photo at left. The photo was taken in 2005 by Maggie Moore for her book, Walking With Friends. Not only are his gaits smooth, but he is surefooted as well. He easily navigates steep inclines and declines and treads rough terrain carefully and precisely.

Gambler's striking color is the icing on the cake. He is a true gold with jet black points and silver frosting in his mane and tail (the frosting is believed to be caused by the same gene that gives you flaxen manes and tails on chestnuts). Gambler has been DNA tested by UC Davis. He is homozygous (AA) for the agouti (bay modifier). This means that he CAN NOT produce black or smokey black foals even when bred to black mares! Instead, he will produce buckskin or bay.

Color possibilities (click on the color of your mare for the exact percentages):

  • Black/Bay/Chestnut mares: chestnut, bay, palomino, and buckskin foals.

  • Smokey Black/Buckskin/Palomino mares: chestnut, bay, palomino, buckskin, cremello, or perlino foals.

  • Smokey Cream/Perlino/Cremello mares: palomino, buckskin, cremello, or perlino foals.

  • Classic/Amber/Gold champagne mares: chestnut, bay, palomino, buckskin, amber, gold, gold cream, or amber cream foals.

Gambler in 2008Conformation.
Gambler's conformation is excellent. His neck is absolutely perfect...it comes out of his shoulder just right and has a gorgeous natural arch to it. It is long, elegant, and shapely. His shoulder is large and sloping. His tail is set high and he carries it with a natural, old-time "waterspout arch." Gambler has an incredibly expressive face: his large, soft eyes help indicate his kind disposition; his muzzle is tapered, well formed and gives him an inquisitive look; his ears are shapely and expressive; his profile strong and refined at the same time. His hooves are as hard and strong as a mustang's. He can travel over gravel and rocky terrain barefoot without taking a lame step. His mane and tail are naturally long and full, but while he was taking care of his foals, they relieved him of some of his length and thickness.

Gambler's bloodlines are a unique blend of the western working bloodlines through his sire, Blue Gold (who goes back to Roy Roger's own "Trigger Jr." aka Allen's Gold Zephyr), and the old eastern show lines through his dam, Cindy's Image-GH. We believe that this unique blend gave Gambler the best of both worlds. Not only is he a gorgeous, showy stallion, he's also a truly versatile and usable mount. Gambler's bloodlines are also unique in that he does not trace back to Pride of Midnight H.F. or The Pusher C.G. This makes him an EXCELLENT outcross for mares who are heavily linebred to those sires.

Gambler in 2009 by Onawa Cutshell (horsepix.net)

Cindy's Image - GH Solitude's Eb Master Ebony Masterpiece Skipper Son Midnight
Lady Lee
Go Boy's Lady Ann Merry Go Boy
Princess Ann
Threat's Cinderella Triple Threat Sun's Quarterback
Tensas' Gypsy Girl
Handshaker's Sue Mack K's Handshaker
Judy Wilson C.

Gambler in 2009 by Onawa CutshellWe do not require that mares bred to Gambler be registered, we judge each horse as an individual, not by papers. We would rather breed a high-quality gaited un-papered mare than a low quality papered mare. However, foals with papers are more valuable than those without. For that reason, Gambler is registered with several registries.

  • KMSHA #200607069
    *Colts out of registered KMSHA/SMHA mares are eligible for temporary papers until proven under saddle, at which time they will be inspected for gait and disposition and given permanent papers.  Fillies out of any mares are eligible for temporary papers until proven under saddle, at which time they will be inspected for gait and disposition and given permanent papers. The mare and gelding books are still open.

  • TWHBEA #20112890
    *Only accepts foals out of registered and bloodtyped TWHBEA mares.

  • IPWHR #1454
    *Accepts foals out of TWHBEA, CRTWH, or unregistered purebred Tennessee Walking Horse mares only. SOUND HORSES ONLY. No padded, heavy shod, or sored horses are accepted into this registry.

  • RHBAA #1012883
    *Foals may be commission registered based on gait or foals out of RHBAA registered and bloodtyped mares are accepted automatically. The mare should be registered and bloodtyped BEFORE she is serviced for the foal to be eligible based on parentage.

  • PSHR #06-240
    *Accepts gaited foals out of registered gaited parents of any breed. Any good-quality gaited horse is eligible for registration for a limited time.

Gambler in 2009 by Onawa Cutshell - horsepix.net

Golden Gambler Foal GalleryPrepotency.
The traits listed above are what made Gambler a "stallion prospect", but it is his proven ability to pass these traits on that have made him our herdsire and a true "breeding stallion." His foals have inherited more than just their sire's good looks and cream gene. His foals have inherited Gambler's natural gaits, disposition, personality, and intelligence. See Gambler's foal gallery for more information.

Breeding Information.
Golden Gambler's stud fee is $375/LFG and mare care is $15/day or $200/mo for pasture breeding.  Live cover only. We are located in Locust Dale, Virginia.

E-mail us or call Stephanie at 540-937-0126 for more information on breeding to Gambler.

We are proud to offer the following references. The people listed below have seen Gambler in person, ridden him and studied the foals he has produced. Click on the name to view what each has to say about Gambler.

Partner Farms.
The farms listed below have done us the great honor of selecting Gambler as their herd sire and partnering with us in marketing our foals.

Gambler's Portrait by Julie Zompanti. Click here to go to JAZ Studios.Gambler In The Media.
In October 2009, the online magazine Going Gaited featured Gambler as the "Cover Horse" and as a featured Centerfold for the Mountain Horse Breed edition. Westwood Farms was featured as the Breeder of the Month.

The very talented artist Julie Zompanti did a fabulous pencil drawing of Gambler for us. Prints, Stationary and Note Cards featuring Gambler and others that Julie has sketched are available at JAZ Studios.

Golden Gambler was featured on the cover of the 2006 NBS!A photo of Gambler by Maggie Moore was selected for the cover of the 2006 National Bridle Shop Magazine. Additional photos of Gambler appeared in her 2006 book Walking With Friends.

Gambler is featured on the website "WV Walkers" (owned by Barb Foster) which promotes the cross of the Last Chance horses with Golden Gambler's line.

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