Gambler's Golden Flame WF  The foals that we've raised have gone on to excel at all walks of life. From show (including multi-World Champion show horse, Gambler's Golden Flame WF) to therapy horses, beloved family horses, trail horses and more!

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All Jacked Up Revealed
All Jacked Up Revealed
2012 Chestnut Gelding

Sire: The Revelation
Dam: Coppertop's Moon Dancer
Date of birth: 5-7-2012
Genotype: [ee]
Height: 16.1h

OOPs I'm A Coppertop

2014 Chestnut Mare

Sire: Out on Parole
Dam: Coppertop's Moon Dancer
Date of birth: 2014
Genotype: [ee]
Height: 15.3h

Joses Wander Over Yondr
Jose's Wander Over Yondr

2014 Chestnut Mare

Sire: Hyline Cash
Dam: Jose's Dreamy Gal
Date of birth: 4-2014
Genotype: [ee]
Height: 16.2h

Rev's Lady Mary Crawley
2015 Chestnut Mare

Sire: Rowdy Rev
Dam: Fame's Pushy Lady
Date of birth: 5-22-2015
Genotype: [ee aa]
Height: growing


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