Genetic Testing

With the rising importance of knowing your horse's genotype, many people are having their horses genetically tested. This can be useful when breeding for a particular color. For example, when breeding for buckskins you would want the sire or dam to be black based and preferably homozygous for the agouti. However, if you were breeding for silver dapple, you would want to avoid horses with the agouti and try to find them homozygous for black instead.

There are several labs that perform genetic tests. I prefer the UC Davis, but TWHBEA utilizes the UKY lab. Animal Genetics and VetGen are private labs that also perform coat color tests.

Here are a few quick links to help those of you who would like to have your horse tested by the UC Davis.

An overview of genetic testing for coat color:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you receive your test results, please visit our section on genetic symbols to help you interpret the results.

Note: We had UC Davis test our own buckskin stallion, Golden Gambler. The results were: Ee NCr AA  (heterozygous black, heterozygous cream, homozygous agouti). His son, Gambler's Midas Touch WF is Ee AA CrCr (heterozygous black, homozygous agouti, homozygous cream) - which means ONLY buckskin and palomino foals out of bay, black and chestnut mares. 

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