Genetic Symbols Explained

Note: We recommend the UC Davis for genetic testing. Feel free to use the table below to interpret your horse's results. For example, our buckskin stallion was "Ee A" - this is short hand for "Ee AA" which means heterozygous for black and homozygous for the agouti.

Black Factor
EE - homozygous black. Horse has ability to form black pigment in skin and hair. Black pigment in hair may be either in a points pattern or distributed overall.
Ee - heterozygous black. Same appearance as EE.
ee - red. Horse has black pigment in skin, but hair pigment appears red. 
AA - homozygous for agouti. If horse has black hair (E), then that black hair is in points pattern. A has no effect on red (ee) pigment.
Aa - heterozygous for agouti. Same appearance as AA.
aa - If horse has black hair (E), then that black hair is uniformly distributed over body and points (No agouti). A has no effect on red (ee) pigment.  
CrCr - Homozygous for cream. Both red and black pigments are diluted to pale cream. Skin and eye color are also diluted. 
NCr - Heterozygous for cream. Red pigment is diluted to yellow; black pigment is unaffected.
NN - Horse is fully pigmented (no cream gene).
CHCH - Homozygous champagne. Red pigment is diluted to gold and black pigments are diluted to chocolate.
CHCh - Heterozygous champagne. Same appearance as CHCH
ChCh - Horse is fully pigmented (no champagne gene).
TOTO - Homozygous tobiano. Horse is characterized by white spotting pattern knoiwn ads tobiano. Legs are usually white
TOto - Heterozygous tobiano. Same appearance as TOTO.
toto - No tobiano pattern present. 
DD - Homozygous for dun. Horse shows a diluted body color to pinkish-red, yellow-red, yellow or mouse gray and has dark points including dorsal stripe, shoulder stripe and leg barring.
Dd - Heterozygous for dun. Same appearance as DD.
dd - Horse has undiluted coat color. 
GG - Homozygous gray. Horse shows progressive slivering with age to white or flea-bitten, but is born any non-gray color. Pigment is always present in skin and eyes at all stages of silvering.
Gg - Heterozygous gray. Same appearance as GG.
gg - Horse does not show progressive silvering with age. 
Silver Dapple
ZZ - Homozygous silver dapple
Zz - Heterozygous silver dapple
zz - no silver dapple
RR - no roan.
RRn - Heterozygous roan.
RnRn - Homozygous roan.
NN - no sabino pattern.
NSb1 - heterozygous sabino.
Sb1Sb1 - homozygous sabino

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