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Horse Wanted
Horses Wanted

16+h geldings under 5 years old
Searching for true, barefoot 16+h geldings. Absolutely no older than 5. Must be halter broken and good with dogs. E-mail.

Bay, black or chestnut base color. Must be breeding sound. Riding sound is great. MINIMUM 15.2h. Homozygous tobiano preferred. E-mail.

Smooth Gaited Trail Gelding
Gelding. 10 or younger. 14.2h minimum preferably 15h+. A lovebug who WANTS attention. Must ride front, middle, back. NOT a fight to hold back but don't want a dead head either. Simple, smooth gait that he maintains easily. Spook in place type horse - no spinning or trying to run off. Color is always nice but not a defining factor. $3000 or under. E-mail.


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