We specialize in the sale of gaited trail and field trial horses. While we understand that sometimes the travel distance prohibits in person visits, but we believe wholeheartedly that chemistry is a BIG part of the horse/rider team relationship. We strongly feel that the best way to demonstrate the suitability of each horse and rider team is in person and on the trail. We encourage potential buyers to come see us and spend some time handling and riding the horses that we have to offer. We do our best to make you feel welcome and at home. Please bring the saddle you are comfortable in so that you feel more at home and we can evaluate any potential saddle fit problems. We welcome you to visit as many times as you need. Jarred offers lessons to help potential buyers feel safe and secure with their new partner. The horses listed below are owned by Westwood Farms or consigned to us by private breeders, so they are not all located in Virginia.

If we do not have the right horse for you, we may be able to find it through our contacts! Feel free to e-mail us with a description of your "perfect horse" and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for. You can also ad FREE listings to our horses wanted section.

Due to popular demand, we are now offering consignment sales for our clients. Selling a horse can be a dreaded experience for some riders who don’t have the time or required resources to get the job done on their own. Work schedules, lack of safe riding facilities and even privacy concerns are some of the many reasons our clients choose to consign horses. Consigning allows our clients freedom from worries like no-show potential Buyers, missed work, and rider liability. Jarred Langston is a talented rider and trainer who prides himself on his ability to match suitable horses and riders. We take our time with each prospective buyer to ensure that matches are well made. If you would like to consign your horse with us, contact stephanie@westwoodfarms.net

We may accept payment plans (boarding fees required) and we can accept payments through Zelle. We are also willing to barter (only on our stock and services, not available with consignment sales). Check out our payment options and terms of sale. Be sure to check out our references!

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For more information e-mail Stephanie or call 540-825-1300

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Check out our lovely mini and toy australian shephards. Our sweet girls generally go everywhere that we do: horseback rides, kayaking, road trips...you name it! Their small size makes them the perfect companions. They make excellent working farm dogs, emotional support animals and pets.

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UCCINTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please note that we are more than happy to accommodate international buyers,  but due the increasing incidences of internet fraud, horses must be paid in full (i.e. funds received and held for two weeks) before any arrangements for shipping are made. We also prefer that payments be made via Western Union Money Order or PayPal rather than wire transfer. You can find the current exchange rate by clicking on the spinning icon to the left.

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SCW Jubals Merry Madge
2012 - 14.2h - Chestnut Mare

Location: Westwood Farms
SCF Jubals Merry Madge. Foaled in 2012 (she's 7.) Gorgeous IHWHA chestnut sabino mare for sale. Bred by Slush Creek Walkers in Montana. She is by Slush Creek's Jubal S, a great minded, big boned gentle giant of a horse. Her dam is a direct Red Bud's Rambling Slim daughter out of a Bud's Sterling Bullet daughter. READ MORE
Coppertop's Moon Dancer Coppertop's Moon Dancer
TWHBEA #20007397
2000 - 15.2h - Chestnut Mare
In foal to Darrah's Handsome Traveler.

Location: Westwood Farms
Dancer comes from Jim and Tina Singleton’s foundation breeding program in middle Tennessee. Her sire, Mr. Coppertop, is consistently in the top rank among stallions producing natural versatility and flat shod champions. Her dam carries the coveted Pride’s Gold Coin lines. The Singletons raised and trained Dancer. They developed her natural gaits and cat-like agility. Through their efforts, they produced a mare with the power and quickness of a reining horse and a true push-button Cadillac ride. She is incredibly well trained and moves off of seat, leg or verbal cues. She is the type of mare that can sit in the pasture for months and come out and knock your socks off. Of course, the more conditioning she has the better she is. Dancer’s gaits are strong, smooth and effortless, and yet you can still feel the immense power of the horse beneath you. She can dog walk as quiet and calm as and western pleasure horse. Her intermediate gaits are perfectly in the middle of the spectrum. On a scale of 1-10  (1 being trotty and 10 pacey) she is  5-6 . This mare cannot rack or hard pace, but she can do a very smooth stepping pace, a wonderful head shaking 4 beat flat walk and running walk, and a loose large extended trot. Her range of gait is why she herself is so natural. She is light and fluid in gate with a little swing at a dog walk. Her favorite gait (and ours) is her running walk. When she really gets to walking her ears go to flopping and her teeth chatter in rhythm with her footsteps. Our second favorite gait is her to-die-for rocking chair canter. We have covered many miles on the Southern Georgia plantations with her flashy, smooth, ground-covering canter.   READ MORE
  Gambler's Pushy Dinah
TWHBEA # 21602348
2016 - 14.2h - Bay Mare

FOR SALE! $2,800

Location: Front Royal, VA
Dinah is a 2016 bay mare by Golden Gambler and out of a Pusher bred mare. She has a naturally loose, ground covering walk. She could be finished as a flatwalk/running walk horse or a racking horse. She is brave and bold on the trails. Though she wasn't started until 2019, she has already done mountain rides, rivers, cattle penning, and more. She tackles everything with a "can do" attitude. She has had loads of ground work. She loads, leads, lunges, stands ties. She doesn't like to be clipped, but she's not awful about it. She is not a beginner's horse, as she is young and needs a rider who knows what they are doing to continue teaching her. READ MORE

Breeding Horses for Sale
Beasley's Bullet Candy
TWHBEA #20304714
2003 - 15.1 1/2h - Chestnut Sabino Grey Mare
Genotype: [ee SB1 Gg]
$1,200 OBO

Location: Westwood Farms

Well built, naturally gaited mare with great bone and substance. 15.1 1/2h barefoot on concrete with an actual measuring stick. Fantastic old hertiage bloodlines, but not IHWHA elegible due to color. Candy was broke to ride as a young horse, but hasn't been ridden since. She is an excellent mother. Foals and catches easily. Several of her foals have gone on to excel as field trial mounts. She throws smart, naturally gaited foals. READ MORE

Gambling's Cream Puff
TWHBEA: #20406408
- 16.1 1/2h - Cremello
Genotype: [ee Aa CrCr]


Her name should  be "Wow! What a mare!" since that's what everyone says when they meet her. Cream Puff stands a massive, big boned 16.1 1/2h barefoot on concrete with a measuring stick. If you've ever seen the movie Madagascar Escape to Africa...there is a scene in there that describes her perfectly. She's big...and chunky. She's easy to catch and handle, but not broke to ride. Her sire is Gambling for Gold, a cremello by Fluid Gold, a full brother to Royal Ivory. Both brothers were produced by the Frank England family's breeding program. Their Favorite's Bold Gold E. was a palomino directly by Pride's Favorite. They crossed him to the massive palomino mare, Christmas Gold E., in order to produce good minded, BIG boned and naturally gaited horses. Cream Puff has two lines back to the gorgeous and talented stallion, Ace's Silver N' Gold. He had high-headed good looks, an easy going disposition, and natural high-stepping gaits. He stood 16 hands barefoot. His dam was a Midnight Mack K granddaughter. She foaled a buckskin tobiano filly by Caper's Major League on 5-30-2019. Her filly is sold and will be weaned in October. She is bred back to The Tennessee Stud WF for a 2020 foal. She carries one agouti gene and The Tennessee Stud is homozygous for the agouti, so there is a 50% chance that their foal will be homozygous for the agouti. She will produce 100% palominos bred to chestnut. She will produce palomino, buckskin or smokey black bred to bay or black stallions. READ MORE

  Her Favorite Line
TWHBEA: #20510163
2005 - 16h - Chestnut Grey Mare
Genotype: [ee Gg]

Location: Westwood Farms

This big (16h), elegant mare is directly by Lined with Cash and out of a direct daughter of Pride's Favorite. She was broke to ride when she was younger, but hasn't been ridden in the last five years. She is very easy to catch. READ MORE

High Noon Jose
TWHBEA: #20510163
2009 - 15.1h - Black
Genotype: [Ee aa]
Bred to Darrah's Handsome Traveler.


Josie was bred by Waterfall Farms in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a direct daughter of the great Jose Jose - "1999 World Grand Champion Three-Year-Old 1999 World Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion 1998 World Grand Champion Two-Year-Old 1998 World Champion Two-Year-Old Stallion What can be said by one of the greatest show horses and sires of his generation that hadn’t already been said? Jose’ Jose’ comes from the ‘Line of Kings”. He is directly descended from Midnight Sun to Pride of Midnight H.F. to Prides Generator to Gen.s Major General to Jose’ Jose’. Jose’, Major General and Generator have dominated the TWHBEA Sire of the Year Awards in close to every year it has ever been offered. Jose’ produces a very level headed foal that is easy to work with. They all have great overstride and he reproduces a tremendous back end in each and every foal. With over 1800 offspring and counting Jose’ foals have had more success in the show ring than the progeny of any other living sire. His get excel without regard to shoeing choice or division. He is the Midnight Sun of the modern age. A wonderful and pleasant gentle giant, if you meet him you will fall in love with him. When only the best is good enough, it has been proven over time and time again. Jose’ Jose’ could be the greatest sire of all time. At the 2013 Celebration his son I Am Jose’ was crowned the Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion." - Rising Star Ranch. Jose Jose's dam, Stormy's Ruby, is a direct daughter of Pride's Stormy Night. Josie's dam is unusual in that she has two lines to Mark of Carbon, sired by GLL's Carbon Copy and out of a Merry Go Boy mare. Carbon Copy was was by Roger's Perfection and out of a Midnight Sun daughter. Roger's Perfection was by Midnight Mack K. She also has Ebony's Senator (by Ebony Masterpiece) and Pride's Gold Coin breeding. She is easy to catch and handle. She gets in foal and delivers easily and is an excellent mother. She was broke to ride, but is not what we consider "broke." READ MORE

Darrah's Cappuccino Girl
TWHBEA #19907676
1999 - 16h - Buckskin
Genotype: [Ee Aa NCr]
Location: Westwood Farms
"Cappie" was bred and raised by Elsie Darrah of Last Chance Farm.  Her dam was the cornerstone of Elsie's program, Fireball's Mountain Maid. Elsie's elite group of mares represented many years of breeding and selection to get the type of mares that would produce exceptional foals that display the characteristics of original walking horse breed standards. These mares produced foals with a natural head nodding running walk. They were versatile enough to meet the challenges for the many riding disciplines in show, pleasure, working and sporting events.  I first met Cappie at Rise and Shine Walkers in Kokomo, Indiana. I was struck then by the sheer size and bone of the big, sooty buckskin mare. She has the laid back disposition of the Royal Ivory/Maggie crosses. READ MORE
Fury's Shadow Star Fury's Shadow Star
TWHBEA: #20609416
2006 - 15.2h - Black Tobiano
[EE aa TOTO]
Location: Westwood Farms

Shadow is one of the sweetest, brightest mares you'll ever find. She is affectionate and friendly, even with her newborn at her side. She is also exceptionally calm and trusting. She teaches her babies how to enjoy human company. She has a good amount of step to her and a square, 4 beat gait that she passes to her foals. She stands 15.2h barefoot on concrete with great bone and substance. She is homozygous tobiano and black, so she will always throw black-based spotted foals. When bred to a stallion homozygous for cream and agouti, she will produce 100% buckskin tobiano foals. She tends to throw darker shades of buckskin as well. READ MORE

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